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  1. Each judge will be a highly skilled, experienced professional.

  2. All carvings will be judged.

  3. At the judge’s discretion, ribbons may be awarded in categories with less than three (3) entries if the entries are judged to be of high quality.  The judges may not award ribbons to entries judged not to be of reasonable standards.

  4. The show officials reserve the right to move carvings submitted in the wrong category to an appropriate category for judging.



  1. DESIGN AND ORIGINALITY – Creativity with respect to unusual and exceptional interpretation of the subject matter.

  2. SKILLED EXECUTION – The use of good carving techniques…including properly fitted add-ons, difficulty of carving, attention to detail, cleanness of cuts, complexity,  amount of intricacy, and tightness of laminations that are including in the carving.

  3. FINISH – The application of finishes that enhaqnce the grain. Choice of color and application, in relation to the overall work.  Quality and attractiveness of the final touches given to a carving such as sanding, fuzz removal, painting, staining, oiling, waxing, and polishing.

  4. PRESENTATION – The aesthetic appearance and beauty as presented by the artist.


  1. SW FL Woodcarving Exposition, Inc. is not responsible for damage to carvings.

  2. All participants may sell their products, but are responsible for collection if  Florida Sales Taxes. SW FL Woodcarving Exposition, Inc. is not responsible for any Sales Tax.

  3. During the Exhibition, all carvings will be monitored by security volunteers. At night, the building will be locked.


  1. The word “Carving” embraces all wooden art work whose shape has been created by hand-held knives, gouges, or by hand-held power tools.

  2. The word “Category” defines the type of carving and the general subject of the carving. (EX. Realistic In-the-Round Animal)

  3. The word “Subject” defines the specific caarvings within a category. (EX. Domestic and agricultural animals)

  4. The term “Natural Finish” means the grain of the wood must show through the finish. The natural grain may be augmented by a single stain.

  5. The term “Painted Finish” means any finish other than Natural Finish, using products such as polychromes, aniline dyes, oil paints, acrylics, or extensive woodburning.

  6. The term “Flat” carving refers to carving techniques that are applied to an existing surface for decorative purposes. The actual surface itself does not have to be flat.

  7. The term “Relief” means carving a generally flat surface.

  8. The term “Realistic” means a carving that is an accurate representation of the subject.

  9. The term “Stylized” means a carving that is completed in an established art style rather than strictly according to reality.

  10. The term “Abstract” means a carving that is non-representational of its subject.

  11. The term “Caricature” means a carving that is an exaggeration or distortion of the subject for a humorous or satirical effect.

  12. The term “Miniature” refers to a carving that is half size or less, not to exceed 8 inches in any direction.

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